In most fields of academic research, peer-reviewed papers are our professional currency, but they don’t tell the whole story. A great deal of work often goes on behind the scenes, including reproducing and checking the work of other research groups, as well as the development of versatile computer code capable of far more than it is ever used for, and the inevitable abandoned and half-finished projects that never reached a publishable stage. Sometimes, we even just find neat new results that by themselves aren’t publishable, but that are interesting nonetheless. This part of Broken Symmetry is where these ideas go to die - or just maybe, to be reborn anew.

Rather than the traditional academic publishing, the ‘Tech Talk’ section of Broken Symmetry is going to contain various bits of my research that, for whatever reason, were never published. My hope is that by putting them here, linking to the code and to the relevant journals, these projects might find a new lease of life, or at the very least might save some time for students and researchers attempting to reproduce some of these results. This part of the website will be unavoidably and unapologetically technical, and will assume a graduate-level education in theoretical physics, though I’ll try to give introductions to highly specific topics where practical.



To be added later.